March to the Bank and Go Fund Me

March 2018. Acrylic on board, 12 x 16″

I set up a Go Fund Me page for Lena. Here’s why, I think…

The world is topsy-turvy. I never heard of GoFundMe until recently when I read in the news that crowdsourcing produced a half million dollar vulture’s nest egg for a fired FBI administrator. People did this because they got mad at a president who has cancerous monkey brains. Everyone thought they were playing “gotcha”, so donated their dollars to a fascist who spies on their children and a few decades ago joined an organization that once wrote letters to MLK egging him on to go commit suicide.
There are real people and animals in need. Go help them if you are one of these privileged fools donating to near absolute power, and then come back and toss a bone to the artist who makes a life showing you a path out of celebrity worship and mediocre oneupmanship.
Lena paints pictures, which is life-giving, and as any artist worth his or her salt knows, is never a pursuit worthwhile if one seeks a couch that has all its original upholstery in tact.
I will show her paintings and hope to sell them. She asks for so little, and I frame them affordably for style and protection. The $5000 will keep her stocked with paints, brushes, and substrate this winter and spring while the MoMA amasses millions showing the inspired hard copy work of dead people, and the uninspiring clever crap of conceptual phonies. A $25 entrance fee to see what avarice demands of its sycophants.
After sending a dollar, if you’re steady like me, or the full $5,000 if you’re an unnecessary millionaire, go out yourselves with hands in pockets, and seek the local painters who inspire. Introduce yourself. Ask them what they know, if they truly do know anything. Find out if your time was worth it, and consider a relationship with him or her through the painting that you purchase. One thing for certain. It will be better than anything the FBI has ever done besides clean up death and desolation. We must seek communion among our own species. Lena and I can help.
You can follow our progress to opening night on October 19th, 2018 at Lena Ulanova Entrainment . Entrainment means, “To be drawn along with or after oneself”. If that feeling ain’t worth a dollar or two, crowdsourcers of the universe, then world, meet poop, and then lights out!