Beautiful Strangers in New York: Ancient Greek Gods and Danae—Charon, the Carrier of Souls

“I nevertheless firmly believe that no world order, no world harmony, is possible until the artist assumes leadership. I mean by this that the artist in man must come to the fore, over against the patriot, the warrior, the diplomat, the fanatical idealist, the misguided revolutionary. It is not against the gods man must rebel—the gods are with him, if he but knew it!—but against his own mediocre, vulgar, blighted spirit. He must free himself to look upon the world as his own divine playground and not as a battlefield of contending egos. He must lift himself by his own bootstraps.”

—Henry Miller from Stand Still Like the Hummingbird

Or this:

Lena has made immortal my brief trip to the great city. She has put herself there as well, fusing two worlds with brush and pigment. She is more than patriot, warrior, diplomat. The gods are with her, it’s so obvious. Just look! They have consented to be painted in their divine playground by the earthly artist, the mortal creator, Lena Ulanova!