The Wizard and the Little Fox 2018. Acrylic

Entrainment: To be drawn along with or after oneself

This will be a multi-leveled exhibition, online, offline, at the lake, on a walk, traveling with friends, and dreaming in our sleep. The Internet is more powerful than we make it. I want to use it to full capacity, along with an actual “in the flesh” exhibition at Fuel Gallery, which is my home and “business” along the great lake Ontario. I am a Stuckist painter and enthusiast, and believe in the power of art to uplift and liberate, and what better place to do this than under the roof where I greet the daily comforts and consternation of life. I have 30+ paintings sent by Lena that we wish to exhibit, and hope to sell.

I like to revel when I show art, so there will be much to do and see while learning more about Lena.

And I like to celebrate too. So if local, please make an effort to attend, and I promise to over elaborate.