Fuel Gallery

Fuel Gallery is owned and operated by Ron Throop, and acts as an upstate New York sanctuary outpost to an art market world that has lost its way. It used to be called Sheldon Gallery, back in a more innocent time, when painters of substance believed art was further away from artifice than a Jupiter moon could be from Duluth, Minnesota, or any other like (and now forgotten) Great Lake paradise.

Fuel, as Ron Throop, has shown the work of other painters he admires pro bono. Ron believes that art should not have a plan to make money—though artists have the very need for it in order to survive artistically. Likewise, painters did not go into painting for business. So, who will be the business person for the painter come hell or high water?

Not any gallery staying alive by the bottom line. Hence, artists helping artists, or we perish making the sell, and crushing all romance of art like a thumbscrew.

These videos act as introduction to a gallery we all need in our lives.

Quiet of the gallery—from the first time I received Lena paintings from over the sea. (Alexey Stepanov and Andrew Makarov paintings too, but this isn’t their show!)
And the gallery on a slow night (one of my exhibitions), October, 2015:
And on a fast day: