Four Foxes and Three Hunters

2018. Acrylic on cardboard, 8 x 10″, Framed in metal under glass, 11 x 14″ $75

In honor of these foxes, we shall end the exhibition on Black Friday®, and begin to pay more attention to the fox eyes of our own families and friends. There’s a Kohls® demanding your cash for apparel made in the outskirts of Guangzhou. Kohls® is hunter and our tastes the hunted.

Ron the curator suggests skipping the big boxes of stuff this holiday season and find love again beneath the stars. For the price of two pair of sweatshop jeans, steamed and folded into a box, set in a shipping container with a thousand other boxes, put on the sea, and delivered via greenhouse gas asphyxiation to a registered Kohls® near you, a loved one or trusted friend can have this Ulanova painting until the Mozluk race evolves, long after the initial mass gene jump triggered by the insatiable purchasing of crap set the stage for the devolution of the human beings.

Unwrap the gift of a painter. It is the appropriate luxury good for happiness to regain its power over our lives.