Vincent Directs the Sun at $150. Do I Hear $151?

2015. Acrylic on hardboard, 16 x 20″. Framed in metal, under glass, 22 x 28″

Buy this today and I will toss in a swab of true artist DNA which will improve taste in any human gene pool seeking to unwind and uplift its mortal burden. The art market could use a reforming GMO to pop the TIA (tulips in Amsterdam) bubble that floats above all realities, laughing at them. Sometimes the bubble breezes into a private plane, and this painting here shall become an accurate rocket launcher from the ground, from the base, from the real reality where artists pine for an equal playing field. Aim. Fire! That’s some GMO not to mess with!

And the oligarch no longer enters a world he was never invited to. We are the salon of the future but only if we cease with stupid phraseology like “the cream rises to the top”. Cream comes from cow’s milk and after 5,000 years, science tells us that lactose makes our guts turn inside out. Some also declare the milk protein is causing us cancer like it does in rats. So I don’t want cream anymore. Leave it in the cow for the calf. The putrid stench of rot also rises to the top. When we need a new metaphor to share the story of the big city art market, lets embrace our mutual intolerance and call out the oligarchs as the putrid stench that rose to the top.

Amsterdam had pretty tulips to sell as if there were no other perennials to flower in the early spring. The super rich were bored and super stupid.

Nothing has changed, so buy a painting on your own today because unlike 17th century Holland, you, the outskirts peasant, can afford these more colorful tulips, and at the same time ruin the stupid game of stupid rich people spending enormous sums on what nature and the artists give practically for free.

Now Let’s Celebrate Blue Monday and Holiday Shop

Miles Davis 2015. Acrylic on cardboard, 18 x 23″ (metal frame, under glass, 22 x 28″) $150

This painting looks best in a blue room on a cool day, hanging above an out of tune piano. If you see how I see that a painting stays with you until you die, then you would purchase Miles for the musician in your life whom you love enough for him or her to always be reminded of you.

Presale Before the Winds Howl Off the Gulf of Finland

6 days until the opening. I want to give all and sundry a taste of work available for sale. You can place your red sticker dot on today to ensure painting goes home with you on the 19th, or mailed out on the 20th for those out of town and state. All paintings are matted and under glass in a metal frame. Please remember, there is no middle man here. There is reverence, and I am king of that castle. All purchases minus frame cost go to Lena to buy paints, substrate, and perhaps fresh flowers set in the window of her flat on a winter’s day. I’ll post one or two a day, an image of the painting out of frame. I look forward to seeing old friends and new faces on the 19th! Meanwhile, think holiday cheer and loved ones overjoyed to receive modern taste and éclat from the great north of Russia!

Blue Beard’s Wife 2017. Acrylic on cardboard, 12 x 12″ (16 x 20″ metal frame, under glass) $100
Tanya’s Flower Dinner 2017. Acrylic on hardboard, 13 x 16″ $150
Here Everything is Absolutely the Same 2018. Acrylic on board, 15.5 x 19″, Frame, 22 x 28″  $150

Another Wednesday for Stuckism Poetry

Danae 2017. Acrylic on board, 12 x 16″

Spent Wednesday in New York with my friend Eric parading this painting up and down Manhattan. The urge struck me a couple weeks ago, and only came to fruition because Eric has practical verve, whereas I am more of a verve dreamer, a stay-at-home thinker and studio doer. Last Sunday he pointed to Wednesday and said “Let’s go!”.

After a sleepless 24 hours and several miles of walking (hundreds driving), Lena Ulanova’s “Danae” is now a New York celebrity, seen and admired by a few thousand people from all walks of life. The MoMA could not be this diverse in a day. And all Eric and I did was practice intuitively what the cult of art pretends to desire in its mad money rush to be authentic. We were a walking, talking gallery, without walls, without admission fee, without a bottom line accounting department, nor a damn given to the oligarch and his high rise vestibule decoration. “Danae” stepped out and went for a walk on a beautiful summer-autumn day. Lena got to experience New York (video below) as her curator knows it, and art got to the people better than any channel Gagosian could devise in that greedy little beggar brain.

81st street to the Met, then Guggenheim, United Nations, Chrysler Building, Radio City, the MoMA, Washington Square Park, West Village, Larry on Hudson, Hudson Greenway, the Whitney, the High Line, Chelsea, and Neue Galerie on 5th Avenue.

In the video Eric asks me what Stuckism is, and I quip, “Stuckism is going to New York and not visiting a gallery”.

I guess Stuckism doesn’t need another koan for its initiates to push through. But that’s a good one off the cuff, and means the right stuff for me. Painting is poetry and vice-versa. Lena gets it. That’s why Eric and I spent the day caring for her “Danae”, and making New York a better place for art the moment we crossed the Hudson.

Lena says it best after watching a video account of our day. Her words are the reason I curate her paintings. If you don’t get it, drop out of art and make room for the life-giving ones. I hear there is advancement opportunity in the banking trade.

Read Lena, and then watch the video, please, if you’re at all curious about art and artist.

“Hey, Ron! What are you doing in New York today?”
I do not know if I will ever have the opportunity to visit this city and see all these wonderful places, but now one thing has already happened—my picture was there. She traveled with Ron all day. My Danae swept into the New York subway. She was in the hands of a policeman, a black beauty, a stranger in red, standing at the feet of a half-naked man in a park, having a bite in a Brazilian restaurant. You may not believe it, but my picture has already recognized the walls of the Guggenheim Museum, the Museum of Modern Art of New York. She did not recognize them from the inside, but from the outside. Well, you can say, she just spent a little time with these museums, but these are the details. What’s the difference, inside or outside…
In general, despite the fact that I was here in St. Petersburg, a little me, quite unexpectedly visited the wonderful city of New York. Danae, with whom, according to mythology, a miracle happened in terms of love, when Zeus appeared to her in the form of golden rain, experienced another miracle—a miracle of adventure, which ended in a beautiful fiery sunset.
Thank you, Ron! And, please remind me, again, what are you doing in New York, today???

“Эй, Рон! Что ты делаешь в Нью-Йорке, сегодня?”
Я не знаю, будет ли у меня когда-нибудь возможность побывать в этом городе и увидеть все эти замечательные места, но теперь уже свершилось одно – моя картина там побывала. Она путешествовала с Роном целый день. Моя Даная прокатилась в нью-йоркском метро. Она побывала в руках полицейского, чернокожей красотки, незнакомки в красном, стояла у ног полуобнаженного мужчины в парке, перекусила в бразильском ресторане. Вы можете не верить, но моя картина уже узнала стены музея Гуггенхайма, Музея современного искусства Нью-йорка. Да она узнала их не изнутри, а снаружи. Ну, можно сказать, она просто немного побыла рядом с этими музеями, но ведь это детали. Какая разница, внутри или снаружи…)
В общем, несмотря на то что я была здесь, в Санкт-Петербурге, немного меня, совершенно неожиданно побывало в замечательном городе Нью-Йорке. Даная, с которой, согласно мифологии произошло чудо в плане любви, когда Зевс явился к ней в виде золотого дождя, пережила ещё одно чудо – чудо приключения, которое закончилось прекрасным огненным закатом.
Спасибо, Рон! И, напомни пожалуйста, ещё раз, что ты делаешь в Нью-Йорке, сегодня???